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ViPNet Safe Disk software solution is an information security system, providing safe confidential information storage and a convenient way of managing it. ViPNet Safe Disk is an easy-to-use, user-friendly software which provides transparent "on-the-fly" encryption for your notebook or desktop personal computer. Safe Disk protects user sensitive data from all kinds of e-dangers such as computer viruses, information theft or computer hijacking. ViPNet Safe Disk Principle of operation: In the working process, the system creates virtual encrypted containers, whose size is specified by user. The files are visible as standard disk volumes. Password authentication is performed once on the entire volume and as soon as access is granted, user can create, read, write, drag, drop and copy files to the volume just as if it were another hard drive. Best of all, since Safe Disk appears to Windows™ as another drive letter, it is instantly compatible with almost any standard business application, word processor, spreadsheet or database program. From the main Safe Disk program window, user can easily switch to working with protected documents and continue editing them. When the disk is mounted, the data is automatically encrypted and decrypted, when the user writes or reads this data respectively. When the disk is unmounted, either manually or by logging out of Windows, the secure data it contains becomes completely unreadable and undetectable by the operating system. In case of urgent disconnection or confidential information liquidation Safe Disk conceals all the signs that may reveal user actions, even Safe Disk's icon disappears from the system tray. ViPNet Safe Disk Features: * ViPNet Safe Disk Free Edition may be easily extended to full functional version by simply purchasing the license and registering the copy of ViPNet Safe Disk. Free Edition version with a limited functionality can be used free of charge and with no trial term limit. * ViPNet Safe Disk utilizes AES and GOST encryption algorithms with a key length - 256 bits; * Fair-sized container creation in full functional version is limited only by the File System capacity, ViPNet Safe Disk Free Edition allows to create one container up to 100MB in size; * Danger mode for containers urgent disconnection and Safe Disk program emergency quitting; * Extreme Danger mode for containers destruction with no possibility to restore their contents; * Possibility to connect containers for read only; * Automatic connection of selected containers after logon to ViPNet Safe Disk; * Automatic disconnection of containers after specified period of user inactivity; * Automatic disconnection of containers after logout from ViPNet Safe Disk; * One of the three protection types can be used to access to container: password protection, protection keys storage in a special Key file, Tokens; * The system is invisible for a PC user: while non-activated, the system cannot be seen (only connected device of data storage (Reader, for example) can show presence of the system); * When requested for real password, use the one for "under control" mode. The password of the given mode allows to conceal the presence of any confidential information when concealing the presence of the very system is impossible; * In case of hard disk corruption, operating system reinstallation, or computer viruses attack, the access to the sensitive data can be restored by means of Safe Disk program with no risk for the data safety; * Safe Disk's Configuration Recovery feature allows rolling back to the moment when undesirable changes to sensitive data have not been made

Systems: Windows 7, WinNT 4.0, WinXP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows2003, Windows 7 x64

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